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excerpt from “Mutual Aid” by Caitie Moore

excerpt from “Mutual Aid”

not done, sadness, nor solved.

maleness in fact in the end a non-problem.

somewhere a bird sits in its own silence while a habit repeats herself.
the belonging predicts. the blood seizes.

in silence somewhere a bird sits, two birds: one terrified, one calm, neither contributing sound.

we yelled lavishly.

at each other like each other were mountains.
A shouting, as in elation.

Caitie Moore

Caitie Moore‘s writing engages her white femme subject position and can be found online at Harriet, BOMB, Queen Mobs, in her chapbook Wife (Argos Books, 2014), The Racial Imaginary: Writers on Race and the Life of the Mind (Fence Books, 2015) and various scattered publications. A collaboration with Dot Devota, Dept. of Posthumous Letters, was released in November 2017 (Argos Books).

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