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from Here in There by Angela Carr


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Angela Carr

<b>Angela Carr’s</b> most recent book of poetry is <em>Here in There</em> (BookThug 2014). Her other poetry books are <em>Ropewalk</em> (2006) and <em>The Rose Concordance</em> (2009). She has also published a few chapbooks, including “Risk Accretions” in <em>Handwerk</em>. Currently, she teaches creative writing and poetry at The New School for Liberal Arts. In addition, she is a translator (French to English). Her book-length projects include Jean A. Baudot’s 1964 poetry experiment, <em>The Writing Machine</em>. Her translation of Québécoise poet Chantal Neveu’s <em>Coït</em> was also published by BookThug (2012). Selections from Carr’s poetry have been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovene and German. Originally from Montréal, Angela Carr now lives in New York City.