Poems and Texts


from Holly Melgard’s Friends and Family

Chris // 2/5/11
hey dude it’s me uh I just wanted to call and say thanks for having
me over last night and thanks again for feeding me uh it was an awesome
time and I’m so glad that we got together and talked for like
eight hours um just really necessary though god eight hours um we
should have recorded it as you mentioned um yeah I was just calling
also to see if you guys got Tobin’s email about possibly coming over
and watching the Super Bowl tomorrow evening um we would love
to have you I know Joey uh just has to watch the Packers I guess
I guess it’s in his blood or so he says um and also I hope he’s ok I
know he more than likely is but I just wanted to check with you and
see that he was doing alright we were yelling at each other last night
which never really happens and so um you know I fully integrated
the thing into my consciousness and in no way am feeling like something
was broken last night in any terms but you know I just want to
make sure that Joey knows that it was all the spirit of the discourse
and I wasn’t really angry at him so I hope he’s not really angry at me
ok uh I love you guys and call me whenever you get this bye

Joey Yearous-Algozin

Joey Yearous-Algozin is the author of Holly Melgard’s Friends and Family (Bon Aire Projects) and The Lazarus Project(TROLL THREAD), among others. He is a co-editor of TROLL THREAD. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.