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“Fun in Cincinnati” by Susie Timmons

Fun in Cincinnati

Late on the night of April 15th
when I drove down to the post office to file my taxes
the traffic was all backed up for blocks

hundreds of volunteers were lining the street handing out free donuts,
dressed like clowns, etc. There was music too.

so I found myself creeping toward the post office in a tax time processional eating a donut

a postal employee runs up to your car window, says see you next year!, grabs your envelopes runs
a few yards ahead, hands it off to another postal employee
who tosses it away in a white canvas
and it was quite fun

Susie Timmons

Susie Timmons was born in 1955. Poetry is her game. She prefers to maintain a low profile, and regards prose as the ultimate form of procrastination. A collection of earlier books entitled Superior Packets has recently been published by Wave Books. Stacy is her only friend.

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