How to Support the Poetry Project Now!

Photographer Kate Simon has donated twelve different prints of William S. Burroughs to the Poetry Project to help us raise funds for a significant rent increase that will go into effect January 1st. Simon photographed Burroughs from 1975 until his death in 1997. Each print is signed by Simon with a description of the scene and the year taken in her script.

You can select the Simon print of your choice for the purchase of a Patron Membership ($1,000 or above) or any donation above $1,000. This is a rare opportunity for you to own an original work of art by a brilliant photographer. For more information email us at or follow this link to view or purchase the prints from our store.

If your budget is a little tight but you still want to support us, there’s always the Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Benefit Reading. For just $18, you can set up camp and revel in all 140 performers. Don’t forget that we also sell books as well as food and drink to ensure that you don’t have to leave, unless you want to!

Every year around 1,000 people decide to spend part of their New Year’s Day with the Poetry Project. We’ve planned another great year with all of your favorite poets, dancers and musicians and a few surprises too. All of the proceeds goes towards keeping the Poetry Project alive for generations to come. Please visit our calendar to see our 2010 participants. Hope to see you on January 1st.