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“[Inter alia /// digest ///] Intro: Eat Here, Get Gas” by Judah Rubin

[Inter alia /// digest ///]
Intro: Eat Here, Get Gas

You don’t open with vinegar,
Unassimilable actor as to vote your
conscience, to, as is burled, gauche and
repudiated by the masses
Someone says Reading Gaol with a slight
Groan, makes known puppetry’s residual
Aura, the achievements of a gravitational
Excess, these traps, the kettle angled
A distended lobe, because a light groan
Fermentation group of post-left gratuity
Cut with the grain at room temp. All of these
A futurity of applicant Deutornomic cobalt,
The ashy bottom of a papier mache biosphere
Collectively and so haltingly rich in a designated
Loudly and slowly like a suffix blowing smoke
Out of the fiber-rich colon of a deer. How to
Comport the pageantry of the law,
Grind down the teeth

Photo: Kaye Cain-Nielsen

Judah Rubin

Judah Rubin is a poet, educator, cataloger, and former Monday night coordinator at the Poetry Project. He is the editor of A Perfect Vacuum, a magazine of poetry and poetics.

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