Poetry Project’s Archives at Library of Congress

The Poetry Project’s Archives at the Library of Congress

The Poetry Project  archives support our ongoing mission to promote the reading and writing of contemporary poetry.   The collection of material consists of audio recordings of poets reading their works, photographs of poets, and other related material including a comprehensive print and document collection including commemorative broadsides, publication notes, correspondence and full sets of both The Poetry Project Newsletter and the literary magazine The World. The archive contains the readings of more than 1,000 poets and approximately 4,000 hours of their readings.

In 2007, The Library of Congress acquired The Poetry Project’s  archive. The archive comprises the year The Poetry Project was founded, 1966, through 2005.  The Library of Congress will restore, digitize and make accessible the audio recordings allowing the general public to be able to experience Poetry Project history in new contexts and more fully understand the impact of the Poetry Project’s community on contemporary writing. For more information on the archive at The Library of Congress, please email info@poetryproject.org.


The Poetry Project Archive Presentation

The Poetry Project’s on site archive currently consists of some duplicate material from 1966 through 2005, as well as all audio and print from 2006 to the present. We offer educational presentations of our archival material for undergraduate and graduate classes and other interested groups.  Presentations draw on a diverse range of printed material, audio and video from the archive in order to provide audiences with further contexts for understanding the history of The Poetry Project and the role it has played in contemporary poetry.  For information on setting up a presentation please email info@poetryproject.org.