Poems and Texts

“list toward a Consensual Situation for Involuntary Movement” by Ursula Eagly

list toward a Consensual Situation for Involuntary Movement


after effect images, traces in sight, your eye makes a positive from the negative

cyanotype photographic process – 3D things with paper (airplanes, just crumpling), processing, enjoying 2D result

strobe after effect – So in a dark room, when your eyes adjust to the dark, a single strobe flash leaves an image burned on your eye. light is so quick that you have no memory of seeing the thing itself, you have just the after image.

that child game of pressing arms into a doorway and then feeling them float up on their own, a different type of after effect, more a physical one. this isn’t to watch, just to do for yourself.


the classic doctor’s office knee-tap. another one to do but not watch.

yawning reflex – did this experiment with three people yawning …. a challenge to get into, because the yawns have to be genuine, but once you get started the contagion spreads and yawns just bounce around the room. people got nauseous, that was a surprise.


lack of control


Ericksonian hypnotists, the ones who work in palliative care

my dancing in the past several years has relied on a very specific hyper-awareness. Particularly my last project, really mentally demanding. Actually, this type of focus is prized in dance in general. I’m wandering around in the opposite of that. I’ve taken up jogging – I just move and think about everything in my life except what I’m doing. This for me is the opposite of dancing.

Ursula Eagly

Ursula Eagly is a New York-based dance artist. Her work has been presented all over this city and also travelled to Albania, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, and Manipur. It’s been supported by the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation’s USArtists International program, New York Live Art’s Suitcase Fund, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts’ Emergency Grant Program, the Japan Foundation’s Performing Arts JAPAN Program, the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, and the Queens Council on the Arts. She has been artist-in-residence at Dance New Amsterdam, Kaatsbaan International Dance Center, Topaz Arts, and Ur. Ursula also investigates performance through writing and has published in various magazines, including Artforum, as well as edited the Movement Research Performance Journal, Critical Correspondence, and two Danspace Project PLATFORM catalogues.