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“Love Pools” by Oki Sogumi

Love Pools

Flush and teenage
I begin life in a pool
Jump in with my dress
Life opens this way

On a farm
That grows nothing
That keeps no animals
Driven by hunger
I jump in the pool
My hair radiant
To begin

In the beginning I am cold
for the hours after-birth
twisting in a towel
All the citizens know
the story of my birth—
Every pore weeping chlorine
& the weeping is golden
& the bits of gold catch feeling
The feeling catches in my mouth
& I keep it there
Every time, I gather these lights
they fall into my body
into unsure and slanted places
& they jostle as the pop songs do
Slam into each other, brakeless, body to body
& they rhyme nation to party
Durational testing the amphetamine of night

Floating under a jacaranda blanket
stitched with secret commentary
I dreamed your comment
citing a book and an author
I dreamed this parallel world
I birthed this author, I raised her, fed her,
I gave her a sister
I wrote her whole book
I wrote the comment and the cited passage
I dreamed of a you freely offering yr thought
I dreamed the thoughts mingled with the wet of the bodies
under the glowing blossoms
I woke up thinking
This was everywhere: a commentary of the sky

I soak in this infinity pool
a cascade’s unbroken loop
a beaded hole and thread
Is yr question a multitude question?
I feel it tangle the lights
I feel it pollinate hourly
The manyness coming up
That manyed mouth touches yours over time
Marking before now and after now and now and now and now

This poem originally appeared in Guts Magazine.

Oki Sogumi

Oki Sogumi first surfaced c. 1988 in Seoul, Korea, migrated to the U.S., and currently lives in Philadelphia. Her writing dreams via friendship, speculation, communism, and squirmy life forms.

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