Poems and Texts

“MY” by Bruce Andrews


My, my, neck get to tickle form chewing disarray
freak flesh intern primate re-run
the secret is sterilize throbheart psychonaut
sapphic stemwinder inbetween by trauma
brown brown sugar artery in mouth
petticoats moistened backward infinitesimally self-infantilizing
coitus dunno crush thorax oz parent one-legged defeat together
hapless is as happiness does, harems off studpuppy flush
little whips, live little needles
pink twang gift prefect federal bureau of anti-narcissism
does god have charities outside the human personality form?
scary ventrical messy melts anglo-sexing
every proselytized organ is a teledeportation satisficer
velour chemical clit testing self-bondage —
mobilize the vaseline, eeyore — baci di tutti baci
every word I say is a promise by definition
heart all decked out, sentences do not begin with conjunctions
flip side neckbreaker putting the body into the inanimate object category
gathering dirt on JFK for the sexual blackmail of
kickquick sizzle sequin pill happy bunnies sensually pageanted
spin the bottle
skin apostolics live with the constant threat of transplant rejection
we am a touch-me-not clothed thong from the top
twin fuckbeds to miss your padre seminated the codes about
spores do it, iffy I.D., lack of privacy as filth
skin-tight swell-like neo-petri dish
who likes to create “so many wonderful things that will be loved & remembered
EMS crush squiggle fierce sibling glowworms
creature edge blush to be self-jealous or lesbian turn-offs
basic sludge the tickle squad — pavlovian goner, fluff up a whiplash
V-affect bliss motives ask for more, horizontally speaking
queasy pleasure segue to overact — yuck, freak
a verb on a hunch, bunch o’ psych-shit we all frosted up
fast fat & lucky you weren’t toying
bride-bright labial tourist
powderpuffing parenthetical lavender time to gawk up
shoulderisms, schizo-slink
everything reverberates as a twosome
to dream you wiped out a species, the spearheaded no-no
honesty, put on thy dental dam, thy condom
a man-made man, exasperatable literature
we, that come-on
with their hands off, a real eyebrow raiser
experientially fruity heart stakeout
no more ahead than permissive
could we curl up inside the vibrato, zip-up glue booties
sweeten up daring body vs. skin squeeze waist
when happiness gets competitive, the differences arraign the tarts
the lazily gay alter ego never unsatisfied enough
happiness is an implant
to puppetize little you, tense life cycle catapult
fuzzies exude chapstick
weirder mammals, bouncy ball pharmacy
big slobbery runaway bubble — data seed, don’t beat yourself up
skin beepers drill in the sublimate bonzai you too
irrepressibily slaphappy palpitattle usurp flavor
precipitous cronyism — why something did happen
sissy-watchers will note that …
every whom off of o.k. you, steamy ovoids, drugging your date
bronco cunnilingus
sharkbite endorphins by hand, planetarily intravenous
imagine cutting your own throat!
neck sweep enthusiasm underactivated autoblowhard
hip nips haptic nerve
the curviest chalk body outlines
candy butcher phrase between H2O — here’s a tongue-banger
longevity, we need less of it
misanthropology devamps errata gender
auto topsy turvy embarrassment’s refusal to gland
rosa fetish the will as facade
debridement of dead tissue diagonally diapered
the priority is yourself

Bruce Andrews

Bruce Andrews is an experimental poet, performance artist, literary theorist & recently retired (after 38 years) left-wing professor of political science. As Musical Director for Sally Silvers & Dancers, he has created sound designs and, in performance, live mixes of music & text for over two decades of performances.Most recent of a dozen or so big books is last year’s You Can’t Have Everything… Where Would You Put It!, followed by a chapbook, Yessified (Sally’s Edit) celebrating the Andrews Symposium and its expanded archive, online at www.fordhamenglish.com/bruce-andrews, with links to interviews, performance texts, poetry, collaborations, and critical essays on his work. Another online archive (and interactive project) materialized on April 1, 2014 as a curated 25 hour ‘twitter sculpture’ [Twitter.com @BruceAndrews25h], a 300 poem sequence.