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“My Life in the New Millennium” by Joshua Clover

My Life in the New Millennium

It was true that the more I hated people the more I loved cats.
Then people started to surprise me.
Often this involved fire or coca-cola
bottles with petrol which amounts to the same thing.
Once fire is the form of the spectacle the problem
becomes how to set fire to fire.
Some friends were prepared to help with this which
Michael Jackson having died and then Whitney Houston
was the new pop music. Without an understanding
of the world system and the underlying truth of land
as the place of politics and the sea as the space of commerce
it is hard to integrate that other
most important fact of our era. Pirates. My friends
and pirates and cats — it comes down
to comrades known and elsewhere.

17 February 2012

Joshua Clover

Joshua Clover is the author of two books of poetry and two of cultural history and theory. His new book of poetry, Red Epic, is forthcoming from Commune Editions (spring 2015) and a book on the political economy of struggle, Of Riot, will be published by Verso in spring 2016. His column “Pop & Circumstance” appears monthly in The Nation, and he has completed collaborative work including articles and essays, book manuscripts, and conference organization with Jasper Bernes, Aaron Benanav, Juliana Spahr, Chris Chen, Annie McClanahan, Louis-Georges Schwartz, Tatiana Sverjensky, and Chris Nealon. He is a founder of the 95¢ Skool and Durruti Free Skool, and recently co-organized the Poetry and/or Revolution conference. He is a professor of English Literature at the University of California Davis; in Spring, he will convene a Residential Research Group on culture and finance capital at the University of California Humanities Research Institute.