New Year’s Day Marathon – A List of Thanks

The 39th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Reading was a success. Fun was had, great works were read and $17,500 was raised so that the Project can continue. It was great to see so many in The Poetry Project community working together to make it happen. Thanks to these wonderful people who donated their time and effort: Douglas Rothschild, Jim Behrle, Will Edmiston, Andrea Cruz, Nina Freeman, Corina Copp, Gillian McCain, John S. Hall, Todd Colby, Kimberly Lyons, Elinor Nauen, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Daniel Owen, Stephen Boyer, Tonya Foster, David Kirschenbaum, Davy Knittle, Cliff Fyman, Edmund Berrigan, Eli Polzer, erica kaufman, Evelyn Reilly, Jane Friedman, Sean Callender, Stephanie Gray, Stephanie Jo Elstro, Jeff Perkins, Tim Trace Peterson, Brenda Iijima, Jeffrey Grunthaner, Adeena Karasick, Dorothy Friedman August, Ana Božičević, Aria Boutet, Barry Denny, Bob Rosenthal, Jen Benka, Don Yorty, Brenda Coultas, Atticus Fierman, Joel Lewis, Marc Nasdor, Nathaniel Siegel, Olivia Grayson, Phyllis Wat, Rachel Berry, Rebeca Rivera, Sara Deniz Akant, Sandy Flitterman- Lewis, Julia Barclay, Krystal Languell, Kylie Pace, Laura Henriksen, Brett Price, Caitlin Wheeler, Camille Rankine, Robin Hollis Piccinnini, Jeffrey Stewart Bartlett, Joanna Fuhrman, Joe Elliot, Carol Mirakove, Jennifer Bartlett, Chiara DeLello, Christa Quint, Claire Siesfeld, Safia Karasick Southey, Debora Ott, Diana Rickard, Mariana Ruiz Firmat, Tracey McTague and Aurora, Marina Araujo, John Coletti, Desiree Fields, Judah Rubin, Marlan Sigelman, Matt “Nana” Beckman, Jeremy Hoevenaar, Jess Fiorini, Matt Longabucco, Mel Elberg, Douglas Piccinnini, Lezlie Hall, Marcella Durand and Ismael, Anselm Berrigan, Steve Rosenthal, Ted Dodson, Marie Bertino and Tom Savage. And a special thank you to photographer Ted Roeder for shooting the whole event.

The bookstore in the Parish Hall was well-stocked this year thanks to these very generous presses, bookmakers and poets: Burning Deck, Coffee House Press, Pressed Wafer, Wave Books, Straw Gate, City Lights, Futurepoem, Ugly Duckling Presse, United Artists, Belladonna*, Litmus Press, O Books, Anselm Berrigan, Susan Mills, Douglas Piccinnini, Judah Rubin, Joel Lewis, Jennifer Bartlett, Mike DeCapite and Alan Davies. These friendly local businesses and poets made us some great food: Two Boots Pizza, Porto Rico Importing Company, Veselka, S’MAC, Grandaisy Bakery, Buttercup Bake Shop, Nicole Peyrafitte, Gillian McCain, Bob Rosenthal and Don Yorty. Beer was lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery. Thanks for another amazing Marathon!

–Arlo Quint

Ted Roeder

Ted Roeder is a photographer who does portraits of poets, artists, musicians and performers. He has been documenting the Poetry Project’s New Year’s Day Marathon Reading since 2012.