New York Premiere of WAY at Anthology Film Archive

The Poetry Project will host a panel discussion, At Once Yet Separate: Poet-Artist Collaboration and the Work of Leslie Scalapino, on Wednesday, October 23rd at 8pm in the Parish Hall of St. Mark’s Church. The film WAY will be shown on Thursday, October 24th at 7pm and 9pm at Anthology Film Archive. Below is more information on the film!

way (2012), 68min, b&w / color, stereo, 35mm
(produced and directed by Konrad Steiner; text and voice by Leslie Scalapino)

“The project was to create in cinematic space, where images are braided with speech, a way for visual and verbal work to interact without subordinating one to the other.” –Konrad SteinerIn 1999 Konrad Steiner and Leslie Scalapino agreed to collaborate on a film. At LS’s home they recorded her reading the book-length poem, way (1988). Everything audible during their session was captured on tape, including the ambient household and neighborhood sounds. Using this recording as a soundtrack, over the next 12 years KS produced a suite of six films, corresponding to the sections of the poem. The complete film sets the language and vision of this kaleidoscopic poem in conversation with a panoptic montage that includes San Francisco street and bar life during the dot-com boom, leaked clips from the Iraq war, television, Hollywood imagery, and the very patterns underlying computer encoded video. While the individual sections have been shown on video occasionally over the years, this program is the premiere NY screening of the full film presented on 35mm film.
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