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“That Passing Feeling When” by Lindsey Boldt

That Passing Feeling When

You think
you want to die
but what you really
want is to stop feeling
that nasty ache
in your chest
that lets you know
all is not well
and eating right
and brewing herbs
and living simply
and having a nap
isn’t relieving it
and neither does
the sensory deprivation tank
it is in fact just
all around
and you yourself are
an energy healer
and yet the ache
is dull and painless
almost undeserving
of attention
and yet impossible
to ignore
and that trance journey
revealed little besides
the intricacy of things
and their unending
and your questions
just led to more questions
and the Gods don’t know
but what they do show you
has little bearing on
life lived in a body
within the bounds
of space & time
it is of course intriguing
and beautiful but
also impossible to
communicate while
still maintaining the
gravitas and wonder
you experienced as it
was revealed to you
as drawn by an energy
best described as
through your own hand

Lindsey Boldt

Lindsey Boldt is the author of <(( ))> (2016), Titties for Lindsey (2013), and Overboard (2012). Poems, essays, and other writings can be found at Art Practical, The Drunken Boat, and in the forthcoming ON Contemporary Poetics: New Narrative Feature. She also writes and performs plays, songs and other outbursts, including audio commentary for the 1993 movie “The Pelican Brief” (forthcoming from Troll Thread). She has been an editor for The Post-Apollo Press, the chapbook series, Summer BF Press, and is currently Managing Editor of Nightboat Books. She lives in Oakland.

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