Emma Hedditch

Emma Hedditch (b.1972, U.K) is an artist and writer living in New York. Emma has published texts in Afterall, Mute Magazine, and Art Monthly, and contributed to the books Rereading Appropriation (If I Can’t Dance, 2015) and Anarchic Sexual Desires of Plain Unmarried Schoolteachers (Selected Press, 2015). Emma’s self-published work includes A Political Feeling, I Hope So, Coming to Have a Public Life, Is it Worth it? and the e-book of performance scripts, I Don’t Want you to Work as Me, I Want you to Work for Me. Emma has worked at Cinenova, a feminist film and video distributor (1999–present), The Copenhagen Free University (2001–2008), and No Total, a site for performance (2012–present). She has participated in recent exhibitions including Finesse, curated by Leah Pires at the Wallach Art Gallery in New York, Claim a hand in the field that makes this form foam at Outpost Gallery in Norwich, U.K and Other Romances, curated by Em Rooney at Rachel Uffner in New York.

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