Lily Jue Sheng with Nyle Genevieve

Lily Jue Sheng works between moving image, collage, text, performance, and installation. Nyle Genevieve makes video art, comics, zines, music, and handmade apparel. They met in college at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and are both based in New York City. Nyle’s series ‘Winds of Change’ and ‘Never Sit’ merge anthropomorphic existential crisis and female desire with doing everything yourself. She also plays drums for Nandas. Lily’s video work ‘Five Movements (五種流行之氣)’ has expanded into select performances at The Knockdown Center (with Anjuli Rathod) and Roulette Intermedium (with Anjuli Rathod and Nyle Genevieve). ‘Five Movements’ uses cinema to describe feelings of melancholia – the sensations of dreaming, and disrupting, myths surrounding the home. The third performance at The Poetry Project will include an expanded spoken word and unique subtitles in Shanghai dialect and English by Lily and a performed music score by Nyle.

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