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sometimes it snows by Katherine Brewer Ball

sometimes it snows

(for sam miller)

i listened to Meshell + Kate Bush on repeat
when you left
something about pitch or
the way you’d whisper + hold my hand
in the afterlight
a lamp post flickered
on the edge of campus between brutalism
+ the Arts i stood
watched it glitch
waited for someone to walk by
to share the long cerulean dance
a world in words will do
you wrote: i wish Morgan had a regular gig
Bobbie Short at the Carlyle
so I could go
whenever i needed to be
cheered up

Katherine Brewer Ball

Katherine Brewer Ball is a writer, scholar and curator who was born under an aries sun and libra moon. She is completing her first book on the aesthetic and political promise of escape in the writings of queers and people of color, The Only Way Out is In: The Queer & Minoritarian Performance of Escape. As Visiting Assistant Professor of Performance Studies in the Theater Department at Wesleyan University, where she previously held a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Center for the Humanities, she teaches courses on Queer Performance Strategies and Latina and Black Feminist Thought. Brewer Ball earned her PhD in Performance Studies at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Currently, she co-curates the reading series Adult Contemporary with Svetlana Kitto. Her published work can be read in Women & Performance; a journal of feminist theory, Media-N, Bomblog, Recaps Magazine and Criticism.