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Poem by Matt Longabucco

ape munch cork
sweet musky soft good friend
it’s not too late
to turn this day around
can you reach the knob
tried to “ask for everything”
to picture the other world
a more specific paradiso
its economic relations
the vault where you once hid my joy
abandoned to the rats
I’d like if after I say I’m disgusting
everyone could be totally silent for a while

Matt Longabucco

Matt Longabucco is the author of the chapbooks The Sober Day (DoubleCross Press, 2016) and Everybody Suffers: The Selected Poems of Juan García Madero (O’Clock Press, 2014).  Other work has appeared recently in Prelude, Haunt, and The Brooklyn Rail. He is a co-founder of Wendy’s Subway, an independent library and meeting space for writers, artists, and readers.  He teaches at New York University and Bard College, and lives in Brooklyn.