Portraits of Poets Series: Julie Ezelle Patton

Julie Ezelle Patton’s paperpiperhapPen stance think stain planes include Notes for Some (Nominally), Awake (Yoyo Labs, 2010), Riding with Crooked Ink (Belladonna 2013), B’s (Tender Buttons, 2013), and site-specific pieces appear in About Place Journal’s Rust Belt Tales, ((eco(lang)uage(reader)), Critiphoria. She & badassbassist Brad Jones noted words at the Stone this past September. She lives in New York City and directs an artist-housing and land conservation project (Let it Bee) in Cleveland, Ohio which has been honored with a 2012 Doan Brook Association Watershed Hero Award. She is a recipient of a 2010 and 2008 Acadia Arts Foundation grants, and a 2007 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (Poetry).

Photo Gallery:


Two videos of Julie reading:


Images and videos by Ted Roeder.

Ted Roeder

Ted Roeder is a photographer who does portraits of poets, artists, musicians and performers. He has been documenting the Poetry Project’s New Year’s Day Marathon Reading since 2012.