• Letters/Announcements
  • Essay: A Werldly Country: Ilse Aichinger’s Prose Poems by Uljana Wolf
  • Prose: Bad Words and Hemlin by Ilse Aichinger, Trans. Uljana Wolf & Christian Hawkey
  • Interview: A Conversation with Harryette Mullen by Barbara Henning
  • Poem: from The Wrong Book by Nathaniel Otting
  • Book Reviews: Edmund Berrigan & Chapbook Roundup, Margarita Shalina & Marjorie Perloff / Craig Dworkin, Laura Hinton & Emma Bee Bernstein / Nona Willis Aronowitz, Stan Mir & Michael Gizzi, Jill Magi & M. Nourbse Philip, Thom Donovan & Rachel Zolf
  • Visuals: Art by Stacie Johnson