• Letter from the Director: Stacy Szymaszek
  • Notes from the Project
  • Features: A Conversation with Ron Padgett; Once Upon a Time There Was a Bookshop in the Village by Margarita Shalina
  • Art: Alberto Borea
  • Poetry: Alice Notley
  • Reading Calendar
  • Reviews: Caitie Moore on Don Mee Choi; Mel Elberg on Tony Iantosca; Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves on Ariel Goldberg; Jess Mynes on Tom Raworth; Phillip Griffith on Carrie Lorig; Stephen Boyer on Rob Halpern
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Cover image: “Wall Street”, 66 x 50 inches, Silkscreen on Stainless Steel, 2013. (c) Alberto Borea. Courtesy of the artist.