• Letter from the Executive Director
  • Letter from the Editor
  • POETRY: Ron Padgett
  • POETRY: zaina alsous
  • Remembrances: Brenda Coultas and Michael Golston for Sean Killian; Sylvia Gorelick for Lizzy McDaniel; Pierre Joris and Nicole Peyrafitte for Carolee Schneemann; Jeanne Liotta for Jonas Mekas; Stephen Motika for Kathleen Fraser
  • To Our Readers: We Have Been Listening by Roberto Montes
  • On Raúl Zurita by Eline Marx
  • Getting to Know Lorenzo Thomas: Ron Padgett
  • Interview: In Paradise With My Feelings / Being A Conversation Between Brendan Lorber and Lauren Ireland
  • Reviews: Lix Z on Andrea Abi-Karam; Aria Aber on Jenny Xie; Adam Malinowski on Jonah Mixon-Webster; Alisha Mascarenhas on Etel Adnan

Cover: “autumn flood” by Xandria Phillips