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  • Poems: I Never Saw Such A Face, Most Unusual and True Confession by Joe Brainard; Two Scenes by Ted Berrigan and Allen Ginsberg; Monk’s Dead by Jim Brodey; How To Write Down Your Dreams by Michael Scholnick; Third Visit To Yeats’ Grave by Janine Vega; Untitled by Diane Torr; Ode To Spring by Tom Weigel; Doorknob Note by Tom Savage; Panegyric by Anne Waldman; Sueno De Gatos: The Cat’s Dream by Pablo Neruda (translated by Elinor Nauen).
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  • Reviews: A Fresh Young Voice From The Plains by Gary Lenhart; Waltzing Matilda by John Daley; OM Krishna I: Special Effects/OM Krishna II by Tom Weigel; Space Stations by Joel Chassler; Night Flight by Jim Brodey; The Monkey Grammarian by Roger Riggins.
  • Essays: Mimeo Argument by Bernadette Mayer; 25 Years On The Road: A Celebration of the Life and Times of Jack Kerouac by Greg Masters.
  • Editor: Greg Masters