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  • Poems: More $ Money by Barbara Barg; Spotting Miro by Douglas Woolf; Who Hates Such Fancy Bred by Tom Weigel; Alice’s Summer Loan by Cliff Fyman.
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  • Reviews: Brackhage Scrapbook (Collected Writings 1964-1980) by Chris Kraus; Collected Poems (by Mary Barnard) by Dick Barnes; First Baby Poems and Cabin by Norman Fischer; Angels Laundromat by Tom Clark; In a Blue River and First Baby Poems by Tom Weigel; Kerouac’s Crooked Road: Development of a Fiction by Ronna C. Johnson; Beat Angels by Carl Solomon.
  • Essays: Obituary for Frances Waldman by Charles North 
  • Visuals: Inner Art by Bic.
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