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  • Poems: Twilight Zone and Flagstaff Cafe by Gary Lenhart; New England Wind by Eileen Myles; A writer writes, a poet poets by Rose Lesniak; Logan’s Silhouette #1 by Harris Schiff; Looking for Butterfly by Cliff Fyman; Poem by Rochelle Kraut; Toy Sauna by Vicki Hudspith; In The Third Month by Helena Hughes; Love Awry by Bernadette Mayer; Minds by Michael Scholnick; Warrior (for Jeff Wright) by Ted Berrigan; Soft Shoe by Gyorgyi Voros; Case by Jeff Wright; For The Birds by Ron Padgett; “Thereto I Plight Thee My Throth” by Lewis Warsh; Echo by Robert Creeley; In Place of Saint Mark by Tom Pickard; Poem by David Trinidad; Catching My Breath at St. Mark’s Bookshop, 19:iii:83 nyc. (from Three Diamonds) by Gerard Malanga; P o e m by Daniel Krakauer.
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  • Reviews: Splurge and Entre Nous by Eileen Myles; Pure Notations and American Ones by Pat Nolan; The Fox by Mitch Highfill; First Blues by Michael Scholnick; Hegemony by Marc Nasdor; Days and Nights by David Shapiro; The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke by William Corbett; Code Poems by John Perreault; The Wheel by Joseph F. Connelly; The Wellsprings by Chuck Wachtel; Art With the Touch of a Poet: Frank O’ Hara by Bill Berkson.
  • Recommendations: By Ken Kesey; Tom Weigel; Paul Violi; Anselm Hollo; Marc Nasdor; Tom Ahern; Julie Erlich; Alice Notley; Ted Berrigan; Robert Creeley; Michael Scholnick; Johanna Boyce; Lewis Warsh; Eileen Myles; Tom Carey; Anne Waldman; James Schuyler; Helena Hughes; Bernadette Mayer; Vicki Hudspith; Bob Rosenthal; Carl Rakosi; Bob Holman; Greg Masters; Simon Pettet; Peggy DeCoursey; Joel Lewis; Daniel Krakauer; Ron Padgett.
  • Editor: Lorna Smedman