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“What would a queer revolution look like?” by Quito Ziegler

Photo: Quito Ziegler

Quito Ziegler

Quito Ziegler is an artist and curator with a radical imagination and an endless supply of sharpies. They drive around in a van called the Pony and like to play with gender, glitter, and their old Nikon camera. Quito is a founding member of the WRRQ collective, whose projects include the collectively-made movie Wild Ponies Dancing and Arts in the Woods, an annual intergenerational retreat for queer artists who are surviving or have survived transience. Other collaborative art projects include Queer Planet, the Forest of the Future, and many moonlight beach parties. A long-term student of social movements, Quito has worked on and off for 15 years at the Open Society Foundations’ Documentary Photography Project. A trained community organizer, they have political roots in the Burmese democracy movement, the Minnesota Dream Act student movement, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, and the movement for trans liberation. They currently serve on the board of the Third Wave Fund.

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