“Repressed Content”: An Anthology by Will Edmiston’s Spring Workshop


The Poetry Project Newsletter #2

Repressed Content

By Will Edmiston’s Spring 2012 Workshop

Repressed Content: Excavating the Present with the Poetry Project Archive Workshop Anthology
Contributors: Phyllis Wat, Georgia Faust, Jonathan Soffer, Barry Denny, Helene Chistopoulos, Luz del Alba, Ann Iwashita, Will Edmiston, Dennis Moritz, Bill Considine, Michael McDonough, Gail Tuch, Alan Kleiman, Bill Kushner
Cover by: Luz del Alba

In the last session of the workshop we put together an anthology of our work from the class. These poems were composed, shared and discussed as the class explored The Poetry Project Newsletter, The World, The Project Papers, The Poetry Project Pamphlet, the Fisk audio recordings, Public Access Poetry and specifically the works of Anne Waldman, Alice Notley, Eileen Myles, Bernadette Mayer, Jim Brodey, Ted Berrigan, Lorenzo Thomas, Steve Carey, Paul Violi, John Coletti, John Wieners, W.G. Sebald, Sven Specker, Dana Ward, and Walter Benjamin. Each poet in our class generously took this material into account as we continued to develop our individual poetic practices. In other words, we simply wrote. And wrote and wrote. We translated, transcribed, re-wrote, did free-writing, time traveled, drank, collaborated, hit our heads on the low beam and the sprinkler cages in the basement and wrote some more. Evidence of all that is here in our Repressed Content. Thanks, Will Edmiston