Books Received

Books & Chapbooks

Title Author Publisher Rec’d
Enjoy Hot or Iced: Poems in Conversation and a Conversation Denise Duhamel & Amy Lemmon Slapering Hol Press 4/7/2011
Address Elizabeth Willis Wesleyen University Press 4/7/2011
Imaginary Syllabi Edited by Jane Sprague Palm Press 4/7/11
She Walks In Beauty Edited by Caroline Kennedy Hyperion Books 4/7/11
Things Come On Joseph Harrington Wesleyen University Press 4/7/2011
The new black Evie Shockley Wesleyen University Press 4/7/2011
Four Cut-ups or The Case of the Restored Volume David Lespiau Burning Deck Press 4/7/2011
Plasmos Rachel Daley 3rdness Press 4/7/2011
Lessness Brian Henry Ahsahta Press 4/7/2011
Utopia Minus Susan Briante Ahsahta Press 4/7/2011
A Journey with Two Maps: Becoming A Woman Poet Eavan Boland W.W. Norton & Company 4/7/2011
Dark Desires and the Others Luisa Valenzuela Dalkey Archive 4/7/2011
Talismano Abdelwahab Meddeb Dalkey Archive 4/7/2011
“neither wit nor gold” (from then) Ammiel Alcalay Ugly Duckling Press 4/7/2011
Dog Ear Erica Baum Ugly Duckling Press 4/7/2011
Roseate, Points of Gold Laynie Browne Dusie 4/14/2011
Devotions Bruce Smith The University of Chicago Press 4/7/2011
That This Susan Howe New Directions Books 4/7/2011
Figures in a Landscape Gail Mazur The University of Chicago Press 4/7/2011
Dreamlife of a Philanthropist Janet Kaplan University of Notre Dame Press 4/7/2011
On the Other Side, Blue Collier Nogues Four Way Books 4/7/2011
Methodist Hatchet Ken Babstock Anansi 4/7/2011
A Doctor Pedaled Her Bicycle Over the Rive Arno Matt Rader Anansi 4/7/2011
Oyama Pink Shale Sharon Thesen Anansi 4/7/2011
Fully into Ashes Sofia M. Starnes Wings Press 4/7/2011
To Be Human is to be a Conversation Andrea Rexilius Rescue Press 4/7/2011
Parallel Lines Dennis Barone Shearsman Books 4/7/2011
Rio Del Corazon Tony Mares Voices from the American Land 4/7/2011
Love & Death: Greatest Hits Renée Gregorio, Joan Logghe, Miriam Sagan Tres Chicas Books 4/7/2011
Late In The Antenna Fields Alan Gilbert Furturepoem Books 4/7/2011
Ordinary Sun Matthew Henriksen Black Ocean 4/7/2011
Click and Clone Elaine Equi Coffee House Press 4/7/2011
Either Way I’m Celebrating Sommer Browning Birds, LLC 4/7/2011
The Edge of the Underworld Michael Ruby BlazeVox [books] 03/24/2011
Compulsive Words Michael Ruby BlazeVox [Books] 03/24/2011
Historic Diary Tony Trigilio BlazeVox [Books] 03/24/2011
Negro League Baseball Harmony Holiday Fence Books 03/24/2011
Whistle While You Dixie Dodie Bellamy Summer BF Press 03/17/11
Almost Perfect Forms Michael Stewart Ugly Duckling Presse 03/17/11
Dendrochronology Greta Goetz Ugly Duckling Presse 03/17/11
The Dinner Barbara Henning and Michah Saperstein Long News 03/17/11
Twelve Green Rooms Barbara Henning and Michah Saperstein Long NEws 03/17/11
Cities and Memory Barbara Henning chax 03/17/11
The Lifting Dress Lauren Berry Penguin Books 03/17/11
The Source Noah Eli Gordon Futurepoem 03/17/11
Your Own Ox-head Mask As Proof George Kalamaras Ugly Duckling Press 03/17/11
Money Shot Rae Armantrout Wesleyan University Press 3/9/11
Chomp Away Drew Gardner Combo Books 3/9/11
In the Common Dream of George Oppen Joseph Bradshaw Shearsman Books 3/9/11
Selected Poems: Roy Fisher Roy Fisher Flood Editions 3/9/11
Applies to Oranges Maureen Thorson Ugly Duckling Presse 3/9/11
Fire Wind Yván Yauri Ugly Duckling Presse 3/9/11
The Lover Wants the Beloved Contributors from Akilah Oliver’s 2010 workshop < “The Irreparable, Irretrievable and Forgiveness”> Hand-made 3/9/11
L.A. Luke Rathborne Self-published 3/9/11
Everyone Loves the Situation Michael Cirelli Penmanship Books 3/9/11
Injuring Eternity Millicent Borges Accardi Mischievous Muse Press 3/9/11
The Selected Poems of Ted Berrigan ed. Alice Notley, Anselm Berrigan, and Edmund Berrigan University of California Press 3/9/11
The Return of the Native Kate Colby Ugly Duckling Presse 3/9/11
Metropole Geoffrey G. O’Brien University of California Press 3/9/11
Kings of the F**cking Sea Dan Boehl Birds, LLC 3/9/11
Home/Birth Arielle Greenberg and Rachel Zucker 1913 Press 3/9/11
Either Way I’m Celebrating Sommer Browning Birds, LLC 3/9/11
The Girl Without Arms Brandon Shimoda Black Ocean 3/9//11
Wonderbender Diane Wald 1913 Press 3/9/11
Grief Suite Bobbie Lurie CW Books 3/9/11
The Horse Portraits Robert Prochaska Ara Pacis 3/9/11
Parrot on a Motorcycle Vítězslav Nezval Ugly Duckling Presse 3/9/11
Each H Samuel Amadon Ugly Duckling Presse 3/9/11
Open-Book M. Kaspr Ugly Duckling Presse 3/9/11
Only as a Body Jessica Young Bateau Press 3/9/11
a space in the sky where some birds have been Albert Flynn DeSilver The Nonexistent Press 3/9/11
Oyster Perpetual Austin LaGrone Lost Horse Press 3/9/11
As We Are Sung Christina Mengert Burning Deck 3/9/11
Testify Joseph Lease Coffee House Press 3/9/11
black seeds on a white dish Shira Dentz Shearsman Books 1/28/11
Night of Pure Breathing Gerald Fleming Hanging Loose Press 3/2/11
The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception Martha Silano Saturnalia Books 3/2/11
The Lonely-Wilds Elizabeth Breese The Kent State University Press 3/2/11
Dark Archive Laura Mullen University of California Press 3/2/11
Sleepwalking with Orpheus Craig Watson Shearsman Books 3/2/11
The Whalen Poem William Corbett Hanging Loose Press 3/2/11
Click and Clone Elaine Equi Coffee House Press 3/2/11
Campeche Joshua Edwards and Van Edwards Noemi Press 3/2/11
The Matter of Capital Christopher Nealon Harvard University Press 3/2/11
The Arakaki Permutations James Maughn Black Radish Books 3/2/11
There Are People Who Think a Painter Shouldn’t Talk Patrick James Dunagan 3/2/11
A Megaphone Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young ChainLinks 3/2/11
Say So Dora Malech Cleveland State University Poetry Center 3/2/11
The Firestorm Zach Savich Cleveland State University Poetry Center 3/2/11
The Grief Performance Emily Kendal Frey Cleveland State University Poetry Center 3/2/11
Rust Or Go Missing Lily Brown Cleveland State University Poetry Center 3/2/11
Seven Studies for a Self Portrait Jee Leong Koh Bench Press 3/2/11
Cloud of Ink L.S. Klatt University of Iowa Press 3/2/11
This is What Happens When Talk Ends Gale Nelson Burning Deck 3/2/11
Other Romes Derek Mong Saturnalia Books 3/2/11
The Broken Bone Tongue Dianna MacKinnon Henning Black Buzzard Press 2/18/11
Traveling Light Linda Pastan W.W. Norton & Company 1/28/11
The H.D. Book Robert Duncan University of California Press 1/28/11
Panic Laura McCullough Alice James Books 1/28/11
Bathsheba Transatlantic Sarah Wetzel Anhinga Press 1/28/11
There is Another Poem, In Which the News is Erased and Rewritten Zachary Harris New Michigan Press 1/28/11
The Trouble Ball Martin Espada W.W. Norton & Company 1/28/11
The Occasional Troubadour Victor Coleman Bookthug 1/28/11
Cosmographia Michael Boughn Bookthug 1/28/11
Horizontal Surfaces George Bowering Bookthug 1/28/11
Fieldnotes, a forensic Kate Eichhorn Bookthug 1/28/11
Night Scales: A Fable for Klara K Chris Tysh United Artists Books 1/28/11
Where a road had been Matt Shears BlazeVOX 1/28/11
Finding the Way Home Fabiola Sully Outskirts Press, Inc. 1/28/11
Tracelanguage Mark Goldstein Bookthug 1/28/11
Phaedrus Pron Paul Chan Badlands Unlimited 1/28/11
The New Poetics Mathew Timmons Les Figues Press 1/28/11
Sonja Sekula: Grace in a Cow’s Eye Kathrin Schaeppi Black Radish Books 1/28/11
Vocabulary of Silence Veronica Golos Red Hen Press 1/28/11
She Walks In Beauty Caroline Kennedy Hyperion Books 1/28/11
A Beautiful Name For A Girl Kirsten Kaschock Ahsahta Press 1/28/11
Sailcloth Child Christopher William Purdom 226 Press 1/28/11
Homework Joe Elliot Lunar Chandelier 1/28/11
Verbal Paradise George Quasha Zasterle Press 1/28/11
Expedition: New & Selected Poems Arthur Vogelsang The Ashland Poetry Press 1/28/11
petals, emblems Lynn Behrendt Lunar Chandelier 1/28/11
Deliberate Proof Vyt Bakaitis Lunar Chandelier 1/28/11
Silver Roses Rachel Wetzsteon Persea Books 1/28/11
The Bark of the Dog Merrill Gilfillan Flood Editions 1/28/11
The Bigger World Noelle Kocot Wave Books 1/28/11
Voyager Srikanth Reddy University of California Press 1/28/11
Jargon Brian Clements Quale Press 1/28/11
How Long Ron Padgett Coffee House Press 1/28/11
A Cloud of Witnesses Jason Stumpf Quale Press 1/28/11
Driving Montana, Alone Katie Phillips Slapering Hol Press 1/28/11
The Broken Word Adam Foulds Penguin Poets 1/28/11
I-Formation: Book 1 Anne Gorrick Shearsman Books 1/28/11
Portrait of a Playwright: The Jackie Curtis Story Tom Weigel Nameaug Press 1/28/11
Around The Longview Tom Weigel 1/28/11
Becoming Weather Chris Martin Coffee House Press 1/28/11
Little Boy Blue Gray Jacobik CavanKerry Press 1/28/11
Mary Ruefle; Selected Poems Mary Ruefle Wave Books 10/8/10
Tonight No Poetry Will Serve Adrienne Rich W.W. Norton & Company 10/8/10
Occultations David Wolach Black Radish Books 10/8/10
Zero’s Blooming Excursion Jared Schickling BlazeVOX Books 10/8/10
The Book of Things Ales Steger (trans. Brian Henry) BOA Editions, Ltd. 10/8/10
Scorcher Tommy Pico, Daniel Portland, Darin Klein, Brontez P. Birdsong Micropress 10/8/10
Renoemus Rachel Levitsky Delete Press 10/8/10
Concealments & Caprichos Jerome Rothenberg Black Widow Press 10/8/10
The Collected Prose 1948-1998 Zbigniew Herbert (ed. Alissa Valles) Harper Collins Publishers 10/8/10
Spectre Mark Lamoureux Black Radish Books 10/8/10
Present Tense Anna Rabinowitz Omnidawn Publishing 10/8/10
Answer to an Inquiry Robert Walser (trans. Paul North) Ugly Duckling Presse 10/8/10
Arctic Poems Vicente Huidobro (trans. Nathan Hoks) Toad Press 10/8/10
The Collected Prose 1948-1998 Zbigniew Herbert (ed. Alissa Valles) Harper Collins Publishers 10/8/10
Ideal Cities Erika Meitner Harper Perennial 10/8/10
The Dihedrons Gazelle-Dihedrals Zoom Leslie Scalapino The Post Apollo Press 10/8/10
Air Transmigra John Norton Ithuriel’s Spear 10/8/10
Circumfrence of Mercy Sabine Miller Mountains and Rivers Press 10/8/10
Divina is Divina Jack Wiler CavanKerry Press 10/8/10
4 Mark Sonnenfeld Marymark Press 10/8/10
Single Life Mark Sonnenfeld Marymark Press 10/8/10
Preludes Mark Sonnenfeld Marymark Press 10/8/10
Raven’s Paradise Red Hawk Bright Hill Press 10/8/10
Secrets Of My Prison House Geoffrey Gatza BlazeVOX Books 10/8/10
Genocide in the Neighborhood Colectivo Situaciones (ed. Brian Whitener trans. Brian Whitener, Daniel Borzutzky, Fernando Fuentes) Chainlinks 10/8/10
Chinese Notebook Demosthenes Agrafiotis (trans. John Sakkis, Angelos Sakkis) Ugly Duckling Press 10/8/10
Visible Heavens Joanna Solfrian The Kent State University Press 10/8/10
Pima Road Notebook Keith Ekiss New Issues Poetry & Prose 10/8/10
How the Crimes Happened Dawn Potter CavanKerry Press 10/8/10
Vivisect Lisa Lewis New Issues Poetry & Prose 10/7/10
Inferno (A Poet’s Novel) Eileen Myles OR Books 10/7/10
Hyphen Tania van Schalkwyk UCT Writers Series 10/7/10
The 2010 Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology ed. A.F. Moritz House of Anansi Press 10/7/10
Absolute Bob Anne Portugal (trans. Jennifer Moxley) Burning Deck Press 10/7/10
revv. you’ll–ution Brenda Iijima Displaced Press 10/7/10
The New Poetics Mathew Timmons Les Figues Press 10/7/10
Volume One (Selected Anonymous Marginalia) ed. Liam Agrani BlazeVOX Books 10/7/10
Forest of Eyes; Selected Poems Tada Chimako University of California Press 10/7/10
Procedural Elegies; Western Civ Cont’d Joan Retallack Roof Books 10/7/10
The Sorrows of Young Worthless Brandon Holmquest Truck Books 10/7/10
Cracking Up Andrew Levy Truck Books 10/7/10
Going to Seed; Dispatches from the Garden Charles Goodrich Silverfish Review Press 10/7/10
Dreams Mark Sonnenfeld Marymark Press 10/7/10
San Diego Photographs Mark Sonnenfeld Marymark Press 10/7/10
Non Profit Founder Kirby Congdon and Mark Sonnenfeld Marymark Press 10/7/10
Walking With Ruskin Robert Cording CavanKerry Press 10/7/10
The Book of Frank CA Conrad Wave Books 10/7/10
The New Poetics Mathew Timmons Les Figues Press 10/7/10
Ain’t Got All Night Buck Downs Bridge St. Books, Pete’s Candy Store 10/7/10
To Lose & To Pretend Chris O. Cook Brooklyn Arts Press 10/7/10
Beloved on the Earth Jim Perlman, Deborah Cooper, Mara Hart, Pamela Mittlefehldt Holy Cow! Press 10/7/10
Living Must Bury Josie Sigler Fence Books 10/7/10
Dead Ahead Ben Doller Fence Books 10/7/10
Iteration Nets Karla Kelsey Ahsahta Press 10/7/10
Hard Times Require Furious Dancing Alice Walker New World Library 10/7/10
10 Mississippi Steve Healey Coffee House Press 10/7/10
Sarah–Of Fragments and Lines Julie Carr Coffee House Press 10/7/10
Sobbing Superpower Tadeusz Rozewicz (Trans. Joanna Trazeciak) W.W. Norton & Company 10/7/10
The Cloud Corporation Timothy Donnelly Wave Books 10/7/10
Thin Kimono Michael Earl Craig Wave Books 10/7/10
English Fragments; A Brief History of Time Martin Corless-Smith Fence Books 10/7/10
War & Love, Love & War Aharon Shabtai New Directions Books 10/7/10
Seperation and Return Cate McNider Vantage Press 10/07/10
The Network Jena Osman Fence Books 10/07/10
Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! Peter Davis Bloof Books 06/04/10
Divine Comedy John Kinsella W.W. Norton & Company 06/04/10
Undone: a fakebook Chris McCreary Furniture Press Books 06/04/10
Clamor Elyse Fenton Cleveland State University Poetry Center 06/04/10
You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know John Bradley Cleveland State University Poetry Center 06/04/10
From Head to Hand: Art and the Manual David Levi Strauss Oxford University Press 06/04/10
Nostalgia’s Thread Randall R. Freisinger Holart Books 06/04/10
Sprawl Robert Fitterman Make Now Press 06/04/10
Collective Task Intr. Robert Fitterman Patrick Lovelace Editions 06/04/10
Letters From A Distant Shore Marie Lawson Fiala CavanKerry Press 06/04/10
The Sore Throat & Other Poems Aaron Kunin Fence Books 05/27/10
living must bury Josie Sigler Fence Books 05/27/10
Dead Ahead Ben Doller Fence Books 05/27/10
Memoir and Essay Michael Gottlieb Faux Press 05/27/10
on purpose Nick Land W.W. Norton & Company 05/24/2010
Praying to the Black Cat Henry Israeli Del Sol Press 05/20/2010
From Old Notebooks Evan Lavender-Smith BlazeVOX 05/19/2010
Thirteen Ways of Looking at The Bus Gizelle Gajelonia Tinfish 05/19/2010
Hold Tight: The Truck Darling Poems Jeni Olin Hanging Loose Press 05/19/2010
The Dandelion Clock Daniel Tiffany Tinfish Press 05/19/2010
The World In A Minute Gary Lenhart Hanging Loose Press 5/17/10
Ozalid Biswamit Dwibedy 1913 Press 5/14/10
Read ed. by Sarah Riggs & Cole Swensen Tamaas & 1913 Books 5/14/10
Bar Book: Poems and Otherwise Julie Sheehan W.W. Norton & Company 5/14/10
These Indicium Tales Lance Phillips Ahsahta Press 5/14/10
Almost Dark Richard Terrill University of Tampa Press 5/14/10
Ocean Street Kevin Opstedal Blue Press 5/10/10
Beach Blanket Massacre Kevin Opstedal Blue Press 5/10/10
Paradise: Reading Notes Michael Wolfe Blue Press 5/10/10
Dreamland Court Dale Herd Blue Press 5/10/10
Drinking & Thinking F.A. Nettelbeck Blue Press 5/10/10
Lyrics Lewis MacAdams Blue Press 5/10/10
Costanza Bill Berkson Blue Press 5/10/10
Rolling the Bones Christopher Buckley University of Tampa Press 5/10/10
Hold Tight: The Truck Darling Poems Jeni Olin Hanging Loose Press 5/10/10
Vacations on the Black Star Line Michael Cirelli Hanging Loose Press 5/10/10
The Waiting Room Reader: Stories to Keep You Company various CavanKerry Press 5/10/10
Beyond the Court Gate Nguyen Trai Counterpath Press 5/5/10
The Desires of Letters Laynie Browne Counterpath Press 5/5/10
Who Lets Go First Gian Lombardo Swamp Press 5/5/10
The Dream Detective David Mills Straw Gate 5/5/10
Raptus Joanna Klink Penguin Poets 5/5/10
Burn Lake Carrie Fountain Penguing Books 5/5/10
Cities and Memory Barbara Henning Chax Press 5/3/10
City: Bolshevik Super-Poem in 5 Cantos Manuel Maples Arce Ugly Duckling Presse 4/30/10
Wild Cards Basil King Cy Gist Press 4/30/10
Local Knowledge ed. Sanjay Agnihotri Basil King 4/30/10
Exposition Park Roberto Tejada Wesleyan University Press 4/30/10
Harp & Altar ed. Keith Newton and Eugene Lim Ellipsis Press 4/30/10
So Much Things To Say ed. Kwame Dawes & Colin Channer Akashic Books 4/30/10
Poetry Is Not a Project Dorothea Lasky Ugly Duckling Presse 4/30/10
The Gray Notebook Alexander Vvedensky Ugly Duckling Presse 4/23/10
To Light Out Karen Weiser Ugly Duckling Presse 4/23/10
Look Back, Look Ahead: The Selected Poems of Srecko Kosovel tr. Ana Jelnikar and Barbara Siegel Carlson Ugly Duckling Presse 4/23/10
g-point almanac: passyunk lost Kevin Varrone Ugly Duckling Presse 4/23/10
Moving Blanket Kostas Anagnopoulos Ugly Duckling Presse 4/23/10
The Warm Animals Mike Tyler The Art Cannot Be Damaged, Inc. 4/23/10
Bird Lovers, Backyard Thalia Field New Directions Books 4/23/10
Echo Train Aaron Fagan Salt Publishing
Saltgrass various Saltgrass Journal 4/19/10
various Mark Sonnenfeld Marymark Press 4/19/10
The List of Dangers Maggie Smith Wick Poetry Chapbook Series Four 4/19/10
So, How Was the War? Hugh Martin Wick Poetry Chapbook Series Four 4/19/10
A Book of Unknowing John High Talisman House 4/19/10
Remember to Wave Kaia Sand Tinfish Press 4/19/10
Trance Archive: New and Selected Poems Andrew Joron City Lights Spotlight 4/19/10
Adam Robison and Other Poems Adam Robinson Narrow House 4/19/10
Also Known As Elizabeth Robinson Apogee Press 4/12/10
Document Elizabeth Fodaski Roof Books 4/12/10
Jefferson’s New Image Salon Mark Pawlak Cervena Barva Press 4/12/10
Table Alphabetical of Hard Words Patty McCarthy Apogee Press 4/12/10
Among the Goddesses Annie Finch Red Hen Press 4/12/10
It was the season, then Sarah Suzor Etherdome 4/12/10
Recherche Theories Caroline Crumpacker Etherdome 4/12/10
Collected Poems (Intro by Paul Muldoon) Dylan Thomas New Directions Books 4/9/10
ThermoPoetics: Energy in Victorian Literature and Science Barri J. Gold The MIT Press 4/9/10
Not Blessed Harold Abramowitz Les Figues Press 4/7/10
Reason and Other Women Alice Notley Chax 4/7/10
Ghost Snow Falls Through the Void (Globalization) Tenney Nahanson Chax 4/7/10
Matriot Acts Anne Waldman Chax 4/7/10
Umbra Charles Bernstein Chax 4/7/10
The Way of Chuang Tzu Thomas Merton New Directions Paperback 4/7/10
Perks in Purgatory Valery Oisteanu Fly by Night Press 4/7/10
Mysteriosos and Other Poems Michael McClure New Directions Paperback 4/7/10
A Community Writing Itself Ed. Sarah Rosenthal Dalkey Archive 4/7/10
Undocumentaries Rosa Alcala Shearsman Books 4/7/10
Door to the River Aram Saroyan Black Sparrow Books 4/7/10
Nox Anne Carson New Direction 4/7/10
2X² Martine Bellen BlazeVOX 4/5/10
Rococo and Other Worlds Afzal Ahmed Syed, trans. by Musharraf Ali Farooqi Wesleyan University Press 4/5/10
The Lesser Tragedy of Death Cristina Garcia Black Goat 4/5/10
Daytime Roar G.B. Ryan Elkhound 4/5/10
Aerodrome Orion & Starry Messenger Susan Gevirtz Kelsey Street Press 4/5/10
Romey’s Order Atsuro Riley The University of Chicago Press 3/26/10
7 Continents 9 Lives Fay Chiang YBK Publishers 3/26/10
Omnivore Allan Peterson Bateau Press 3/26/10
Daytime Roar G.B. Ryan Elkhound Publications 3/26/10
O Resplandor Erin Moure House of Anansi Press 3/24/10
The Port of Los Angeles Jane Sprague Chax 3/24/10
Cities and Memory Barbara Henning Chax 3/24/10
Museum of False Starts Chip Livingston Gival Press 3/22/10
Patient Frame Steven Heighton House of Anansi Press 3/22/10
Bloom Michael Lista House of Anansi Press 3/22/10
The Complete Psalms: The Book of Prayer Songs in a New Translation Pamela Greenberg Bloomsbury 3/19/10
Collected Poems: Gustaf Sobin Gustaf Sobin Talisman House 3/19/10
Burn Lake Carrie Fountain Penguin Poets 3/19/10
Raptus Joanna Klink Penguin Poets 3/19/10
Thinking Poetry: Readings in Contemporary Women’s Exploratory Poetics Lynn Keller University of Iowa Press 3/19/10
Chora Sandra Doller Ahsahta Press 3/19/10
Gallowglass Susan Tichy Ahsahta Press 3/19/10
The Apple Trees at Olema Robert Hass HarperCollins Publishers 3/19/10
Gaze Marthe Reed Black Radish Books 3/19/10
i was the jukebox Sandra Beasley W.W. Norton & Company 3/19/10
The Logic of the World (and other fictions) Robert Kelly McPherson & Co. 3/8/10
Maribor Demosthenes Agrafiotis Post-Apollo Press 3/8/10
I, Benjamin Theodore Enslin McPherson & Co. 3/8/10
A Place In The Sun Lewis Warsh Spuyten Duyvil 3/8/10
The Last Skin Barbara Ras Penguin Poets 3/5/10
Lighthead Terrance Hayes Penguin Poets 3/5/10
Other Flowers James Schuyler Farrar, Straus, and Giroux 3/5/10
Where I Live Maxine Kumin W.W. Norton & Company 3/5/10
Starting Today: 100 Poems for Obama’s First 100 Days Edited by Rachel Zucker and Arielle Greenberg University of Iowa Press 3/5/10
The Irrationalist Suzanne Buffam Canarium Books 3/5/10
Flowers Paul Killebrew Canarium Books 3/5/10
The Waste Land and Other Poems John Beer Canarium Books 3/5/10
The Redcoats Ryan Murphy Krupskya 3/5/10
Descent John Haines CavenKerry Press 3/5/10
Form, Power, and Repression in Robert Creeley’s Life and Work Edited by Stephen Fredman and Steve McCaffery University of Iowa Press 2/24/10
Gurlesque Lara Glenum & Arielle Greenberg Saturnalia Books 2/22/10
Personification Margaret Ronda Saturnalia Books 2/22/10
House Envy of all the World Simone White Heretical Texts: Factory School 2/22/10
Town Kate Schapira Heretical Texts: Factory School 2/22/10
Underground National Sueyeun Juliette Lee Heretical Texts: Factory School 2/22/10
The City Real & Imagined CA Conrad & Frank Sherlock Heretical Texts: Factory School 2/22/10
Christopher Sunset Geoffrey Nutter Wave Books 2/22/10
Black Life Nick Piombino Wave Books 2/22/10
Contradicia: Aphorisms Nick Piombino Green Integer 2/22/10
Iowa Travis Nichols Letter Machine Editions 2/22/10
Shoulder Season Ange Mlinko Coffee House Press 2/22/10
Find the Girl Lightsey Darst Coffee House Press 2/22/10
Entrepot Mark McMorris Coffee House Press 2/22/10
B Jenkins Fred Moten Duke University Press 2/22/10
Sisyphus My Love (To Record a Dream in a Bathtub) Laura Hinton BlazeVOX 2/22/10
The Rising of the Ashes Tahar Ben Jelloun, tr. Cullen Goldblatt City Lights Books 2/19/10
Neighbour Procedure Rachel Zolf Coach House Books 2/19/10
Effacement Elizabeth Arnold Flood Editions 2/19/10
Poetry Barn Barn! (That Let It Roll Where You Want It.) Jill Maci 2nd Avenue Poetry Books 2/19/10
The Filipino Exiled Poet Channels Montgomery Clift and Other Poems R. Zamora Linmark 2nd Avenue Poetry Books 2/19/10
Opal Sunset: Selected Poems 1958-2008 Clive James W.W. Norton and Company 2/19/10
A Little Middle of the Night Molly Brodak University of Iowa Press 2/19/10
Like A Sea Samuel Amadon University of Iowa Press 2/19/10
Poetry of the Law: From Chaucer to the Present ed. David Kader and Michael Stanford University of Iowa Press 2/19/10
The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry Lisa Robertson Harper Collins/ Ecco Books 2/15/10
Delinquent Mina Pam Dick Futurepoem 2/15/10
Green is the Orator Sarah Gridley University of California Press 2/15/10
R’s Boat Lisa Robertson University of California Press 2/15/10
(Nevertheless Enjoyment Elizabeth Bryant Quale Press 2/15/10
Action Kylie Kevin Killian In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni 2/8/10
Child of Nature Luljeta Lleshanaku New Directions 2/8/10
The Intricated Soul: New and Selected Poems Sherod Santos Norton 2/8/10
Father Dirt Mihaela Moscaliuc Alice James Books 2/8/10
Eastern Shadows Richard Milazzo Scrisul Romanesc 2/8/10
The New World Tom Clark Libellum 2/8/10
The Imperfect George Tysh United Artists Books 2/8/10
Trans/versions Tom Clark Libellum 2/8/10
Eulogies Elizabeth Soto TinFish Press 1/29/10
remember to wave Kaia Sand TinFish Press 1/29/10
in the millennium Barry McKinnon New Star Books 1/25/10
Why does it feel so late? Simon Thompson New Star Books 1/25/10
Vats Luke Daly House Press 1/25/10
II: The Sequel Michael Slosek House Press 1/25/10
Bastion Eric Unger House Press 1/25/10
Unsound Jennifer Martenson Burning Deck/ Anyart 1/25/10
100 Notes on Violence Julie Carr Ahsahta Press 1/21/10
Beatniks Alan Bisbort Greenwood Press 1/21/10
If Not Metamorphic Brenda Iijima Ahsahta Press 1/21/10
In This House Howard Altmann Turtle Point Press 1/21/10
Itself the Struggle Jim Storm SB DEX, LLC 1/21/10
Thin Snow Omar Shapli Twenty Three Books 1/21/10
The Book of Penis! JoAnn Rothschild Pressed Wafer 1/21/10
Mr. Worthington’s Beautiful Experiments on Splashes Genine Lentine New Michigan Press 1/21/10
The Girl of the Early Race Deborah Boe Gegensatz Press 1/21/10
Into the Cool David Saxton Gegensatz Press 1/21/10
Justifying the Margins Pierre Joris Salt Publishing 1/18/10
The Last Skin Barbara Ras Penguin Poets 1/18/10
Lighthead Terrance Hayes Penguin Poets 1/18/10
The Blue Rose of Venice Thomas Rain Crowe Mountains and Rivers Press 1/14/10
Lake Antiquity Brandon Downing Fence Books 1/14/10
Destruction Myth Mathias Svalina Cleveland State University Poetry Center 1/14/10
Sum of Every Lost Ship Allison Titus Cleveland State University Poetry Center 1/14/10
Undetectable Brent Armendinger New Michigan Press 1/11/10
I is to Vorticism Ben Mirov New Michigan Press 1/11/10
Tourist at a Miracle Mark Statman Hanging Loose Press 1/11/10
erotic poems e.e. cummings W.W. Norton & Company 1/11/10
Dirty August Edip Cansever Talisman House 1/4/10
Pacific Ce Rosenow Mountain Gate Press 1/4/10
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Title Artist Label Rec’d
Improvised Trees Richard Martin & Michael Macrides 1/28/11
For Fonts Sake Paul Chan Sade National Philistine 1/28/11
Lost Angels Michael Lally Monomania Records 10/8/10
The Spoken Word Sylvia Plath British Library 5/27/10
The Spoken Word Bob Cobbing British Library 09/09/09
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the mystery books russia 12/09/08
The Eye of the Falcon Anne Waldman Farfalla Press 09/05/08
The Muse in the Body Catherine Bartlett Audio Literature 09/05/08
Night Work: Live at Issue 02.09.07 Marc Zegans Philistine Records 04/21/08
Constellation of Luminous Details Philip Davenport Apple Pie / Lotta Continua 12/28/07
Pulling Down the Clouds Various Smithsonian Institution 12/28/07
Word Riffs Golda Solomon Self-Published 10/29/07
Kerry Shawn Keys Poetry, Vladimir Tarasov Percussion Prior records 08/29/07
Dead Oxygen Lewis MacAdams and The Dark Bob Shizinn Songs, BMI 05/02/07