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“Self-Mastery” by Mónica de la Torre


We thank you for your interest, an urge from within, a special something.
A sea of metaphysical books before they amounted to something practical.
An accomplishment in an attainment.

Two wholenesses to one completeness
and a dimension of your dormant psychic abilities.
How many great minds are mirrors.
Ancient truths test and two subscribing religious backgrounds,
two teachings that fall beyond a trinity.

Three is to experience specific tenets and reflections;
a tool, a guidance.
Three activities, three additional funds.

Four times the organization benefits vitality and happiness.
Four taps into the same harmonious personal relationships.

If five innovative solutions come to eight pages each,
periodically think of a body of knowledge, play the aura,
organize preceding exercises, and travel to a temple.

Photo: Bruce Pearson

Mónica de la Torre

Mónica de la Torre is the author of six books of poetry, including The Happy End/All Welcome (Ugly Duckling Presse). Born and raised in Mexico City, she translates poetry, writes about art, and is a contributing editor to BOMB Magazine. Recent publications include Triple Canopy, Harper’s, Poetry, Erizo, and huun: arte / pensamiento desde México. She teaches in the Literary Arts program at Brown University. From Sept. 27 through Oct. 1 she will be a poet in residence in Josiah McElheny’s outdoor public art project Prismatic Park in Madison Square Park.

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