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“Spotlight” by El Roy Red


Few believed in the bodies of the disappeared.
Skin compared to the nights they’re killed in
Even the stars are dead… But we see their light

Mothers become (non) silent witnesses,
The streets wet w the red of them, and wailing
Unlike the sirens of emergency vehicles—
There is no urgency:

It’s not as if a Black isn’t inevitable.

Sometimes it’s the whitest voice in the room
that’s trusted. Like a light shining down.


Photo: Chani Bockwinkel

El Roy Red

El Roy Red works in the space btwn hope & efficacy until they reach actualization. Galvanized in Black/Brown queer liberation, Red utilizes writing, movement, ritual & performance to facilitate healing, growth, & alternative futures. #postafrofuturism They have shared work in Chicago with Rec Room and in Brooklyn with On and Off & Group Huddle. In addition, they’ve read and performed in Berlin with Queeries into Collective Feminism, a residency challenging hierarchal structure and white feminist supremacy. Their work can be found in the 3rd issue of Hand Job Zine, “Femme Armor” and on their blog http://everydaydiscoveries.tumblr.com. Red is honored to launch their forthcoming chapbook, Negro Amigo: American Incantations at the Poetry Project during this reading. #transfemininemystique #cosmicthot #qtpoc #trans #black #feminist #poet #hoodwitch #warrior #lover #healer #mover #maker #connector  IG/FB: El Roy Red SC/TW: great_lakes

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