We Are Here

Hello dear friends of the Poetry Project. We reopened the office on Monday. It’s hot in here. Even with the little personal fans. When our a/c died at the end of last summer I thought we could do without. Hum.

Anyway, we are working hard to get our season off the ground. Cori Copp is the new Newsletter Editor and Dustin Williamson is the new Monday Night Readings Coordinator. The Poetry Project has also welcomed three new members onto its Board of Directors: Tim Griffin, Mónica de la Torre and Christopher Stackhouse.  We have a lot of new energy and vision for season 44. There will be more announcements in the Newsletter, which should arrive to subscribers in mid-September – and the Website calendar is due to be updated by the end of August.

For those of you who want to revisit the greatness of last spring, here is a video montage from Kenward Elmslie’s 80th Birthday Celebration. It features Bill Berkson, Bill Corbett, Ann Lauterbach, Maxine Chernoff and Ron Padgett. Thanks to Louis Abelman for the video and to Will Creeley and Ethan Mitchell for their assistance.  – SS