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XXXO FM By Joshua Escobar aka DJ Ashtrae

Joshua Escobar a.k.a. DJ Ashtrae & Jerika Marchan
Friday, May 17, 2019


whenever traffic double-crosses
a day like this
the cynder block drop the miles of
revenue__________ & bougainvilleaxxx
youth sweet & psycho
you know the chain link fences
___________________around them
_________who listens to radio in the Agua Mesa district
so long the programs churn in the sun
the Agua Mesa district
where no one recognizes us
traffic sleeps forever &
the wind outruns the youth
only on Sundays
the Agua Mesa district
the Agua Mesa district
drink with me a little, beautiful
drool on me a little, beautiful
what intimacy isn’t fleeting
what night isn’t a little beautiful

Joshua Escobar (DJ Ashtrae)

Joshua Escobar a.k.a. DJ Ashtrae is the author of Caljforkya Voltage (No, Dear/Small Anchor Press) and XXOX FM (DoubleCross Press, 2019). Bareback Nightfall, his first full-length collection, is forthcoming in 2020 from Noemi Press and Letras Latinas. A CantoMundo fellow, he publishes Orange Mercury and lives in San Bernardino.