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“Proliferation Zero One” by Jennifer Nelson

Proliferation Zero One

thanks to Otto Piene

in this too cute to say
the strongest thing I miss

is old computers thinking
popcorn snicker-snarl

how to push our processors
to be so cute inside us?

as a separated pair rejoined
afterechoes in their laughter
salt and bickering

o sing no muse that half-preserved Bill Belichick!
only rule-break is meaningful

funny, love, since number
’s universality’s symbolic form
it is the fucking Devil

let us counter the equations
the sun the suN the sun the sun the Sun

Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson‘s first book of poems, Aim at the Centaur Stealing Your Wife, came out with Ugly Duckling Presse in Dec. 2015. She is a fellow of the Michigan Society of Fellows and teaches in the art history department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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