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“Air Traffic Control” by Morgan Vo

Ru (Nina) Puro & Morgan Vo
Monday, January 14, 2019

Air Traffic Control

a helicopter went by the dog freaking out

bared her teeth so many times

the hair across my hands legs arms face

stood inside tight goose pimples

we could not see the sky the two of us

alone in a house not my dog

neither did we know each other

me the helicopter dog the pilot wings beating

rocks down from high altitude

hearing makes trouble for her and

double that for me

who are you, this blaring sound?

I’ll have to tell you who

before you tell me

not to move to not pretend

we’re not friends until

these inventions go away

I tried on how to be

tooth tooth she pushed

forward by the firing sound

Morgan Vo

Morgan Vo is a poet and singer. Born in the Tidewater area in 1989, he studied at the Cooper Union and the St. Mark’s Poetry Project, and lives now in Brooklyn, NY.

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