Four Meditations by Susana Maio

Meditation – On a Body Scan

What glorifies
glorifies you and me
skin to stern
flesh to cell
blood flows vulnerability
in soft and hard folds
in mind and the body electric
is complicated

the structural frame
bone spurs out of place
poking tenderness, invading space
where flesh belongs and longs
to rest upon the divan

packages conceal
skin is an imposter
a medic, an astringent
hiding the jaw hinges
the hip joint
the smashed patella

deterioration follows
the perfect pumping of the heart
the spasms and ticks of the soul.

Meditation – On My Allergies

a leap upon a pillow
a countdown
the peel of an orange
tongue lingering over a broken bulb
nettles who wants nettles ?
my liver craves some
my liver is high
my liver is deconstructing
evading toxins
my liver laughs and cries with reality.

Meditation – On the Body I

a stomach trembles
trying to say
as Ohashi-san said
the human body is a long tube
an entrance, an exit
beautiful, messy
red and smooth
a price is paid
roads to and from.

Meditation – On the Body II

fatalism becomes us
bringing blood and color to cheeks
binding tension and currents
encapsulating beads of anger
spitting them out
hopefully before
bursting like soap suds

so when the mind is racing
make a note
when the heart is racing
take a breath
when the psyche is raging
you can jump from a cliff or hold yourself back
we often hold ourselves back.

Susana Maio

Susana Maio has been writing poetry all her life. Her 11-page poem What a Beautiful Day was published by Gathering of the Tribes, following the events of 9/11 and its heavy impact on the lives of her fellow New Yorkers.