francine j. harris

Hey there, Average. Hey, Everyday.
Hey, Couldn’t Pick You

Out of a Crowd. Did you fix your hair today? Cause it’s looking pretty
average. Did you brush your teeth, or is that just your face? You put on socks today, or is that just

your face? Hey there, JoeBlow. Hey, White Shirt. Hey, You Got a Briefcase, I guess that makes you

average. Hey, Stats to Gather. Hey, Mr. I Agree. Hey, Button Up. Hey, Golf Buddy.
Hey, Why’d I Even Bother Taking a New Photo for My Driver’s License. Hey, Guess What My

Name Is. Hey, Mr. How’d You Know it was Three Letters Long. Hey BudPalFellowDude. Hey Mr.
How does your Girlfriend Find You in the Mall, Mr. Have You Seen My Hot Fill in a Hair Color, is this one really

your house, or do you all just secretly take turns?