Katy Lederer

Come Home

Cornered what place
with its façade and door
next to the nearby

place for the walker
his come home
a murmur, it’s quiet

bristling hair
in the corner
next to the stick

in the corner
brick exterior
with a condensed

simple homelike
murmur, like glass
with its murmur

come home to that place
when I walk home
simple homelike

like a ghost
in the corner
with his stick

in the come home
cornering me
hair on end

pale façade
on the interior is rose
condensed to an aroma.

The Monastery

We went belly up
then rolled along the grass
where the grass is up

like flags in arms
concerned with height
I am concerned

for his monastery
in the belly
of the monastery

he paces
back to the chapel
in the grass

with its women
to the ground
on the floor

with its path
made from paces
it has no height

but a woman
in the trenches
has girth

and weight
in her belly
with the walls

gone belly up.

Katy Lederer

Katy Lederer is the author of three full-length poetry collections including The bright red horse–and the blue– (Atelos, 2017). Her work has appeared in a diverse array of magazines and journals, most recently Nat. BrutLana Turner, the Colorado Review, The Portable Boog ReaderLiterary Matters, and The New York Times.