Lisa Rogal

La Culture

I think because the culture
I think in the space
of the culture

I’m not separate
it’s true

you know,
when you’re done
with the culture?

had one too much
I just ended up

in the culture
one pea shaped drop
in the culture

overwhelmed with the rain
blank condensation
slept in the bathroom

just listened to the
rain in the yellow
bathroom the stained

glass flowers rummaging
through the culture
for another yummy

bit a sober
teen my culture
used to be

too much caffeine
enough to feel

your cells dying –
Oh well, my mother explained

Strange flowers, stranger birds, & strangest human beings

She soon forgot her little freaks
couldn’t help it / the restlessness
in nature / the patience
under the freak of manner

To pain sometimes we drink / bend
release a tension
patience / persistence / any ambition
Poetry? Genius? / Destroyed? Banished?
the hell of your own meanness

Birds like this are easy
to imagine dead
freak of history
freak of culture
my own freaks catch me
wave / specific

Carried off in a freak
this can’t save you
this freak can’t save you
it won’t kill you / it may kill you
under the freak of nature

A freak can’t hurt you
easy ambition / any tension
a line to nowhere
patient train to nowhere
attack of patient manner

Big Deal

Three moons in the sky
but the earth wasn’t ending

I was on my period
& so was she

the red red sun
in a cup

I poured it all

I washed it
off my body

the dirt of the day
the sun was on

the skin
the milk

left my body
in a wave

the red sun
poured over

it gave me

a permanent

it gave me


a violent rage
a violet – ray

she saw it
she took my hand
she is my fucking friend

Lisa Rogal

Lisa Rogal is a poet and teacher living in Sacramento, CA. She is the author of MORNING RITUAL (United Artists Books), and the chapbook THE NEW REALITIES (Third Floor Apartment Press). Her next chapbook, FEED ME WEIRD THINGS, is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse in 2018.