Letter from the Editor, April/May 2018

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

Is it spring yet?? Grateful to be able to share the following with you:

1. Below, on this same page, prose by John Paul Infante: whether you buy cocaine or not–don’t be mad if you see yourself in this piece.

2. Allyson Paty blesses us with an excerpt from her ACE Hotel Residency project on page 11–work that’s both fun to read and look at.

3. Roberto Montes comes through again with what most of us in the po-biz don’t want to believe or care to admit to ourselves on page 12.

4. Ganzeer, who graces our cover is an artist whose work I’ve followed since my time working as a journalist in Cairo, Egypt. I was amazed when this quiet graphic designer took over the Egyptian streets with his incendiary graffiti during the revolution. On page 15 he shares work from his forthcoming graphic novel.

5. Reviews on page 22! John Rufo didn’t have to write them all this time! But don’t miss their gorgeous intro. And finally, an interview with Solmaz Sharif — I can’t wait until she writes about Palestine, this interview gives us a glimpse of what she has to say on page 31.

Thank you to our contributors and our advertisers! Stacy, we will miss you dearly but look forward to featuring your work in our pages. So grateful to you for all you’ve done for this community, the team you’ve built at this institution, and the space you’ve made for so many emerging artists like myself. We are lucky to have had a leader like you. Deepest gratitude and best wishes.

Until the next.