notes during the feminist reading group by Matt D’Angelo

notes during the feminist reading group

the board of friends votes against religion at
first a complex of imaginings for the sake of
seeing how language forms are capable of
interacting with each other and the
beyond-the-potential and existent fixities
of cyclosomatic functions to communicate
Kinesthetically with the world in which one
sees being, not to be what one wants to not
be creates the beneficial board of imaginary
friends defining the rampant states of
moving through, not against, time, undone,
from this one side of the second to this
other with time or even for it within the
projected image second is realizing being
requires no pendulumatic stress or
anticipated repetitive steps,instead, forever
in the chronic state of the leap, is the word
over and over again in orphic ambulance
propelling new thoughts to make a habit, a
flow among other living things and to share
illumination’s ability to outmode salvation
with deterministic entropy of godelian nature
denying an impossible reduction of life to
fucking laws, and fully yielding to what
cannot not be, and the actual cartomantic
range in the written and spoken word to be
enough and what makes it not enough
over the wheel