Arabelle Sicardi & Mary Wang

Online tickets are available at the link above until an hour before this event. Unless otherwise noted, tickets will continue to be available at the door.

Arabelle Sicardi

My name is Arabelle. I’m Taiwanese American. I’m a genderqueer writer specializing in beauty and how it is shaped by politics and technology. I’ve been writing about beauty, fashion, and feminism professionally since I was 15. As a teen I was a fashion blogger, as a fresh college graduate I was the youngest Beauty Editor ever appointed by a media juggernaut, and now I’m a full-time beauty writer and general weirdo. I write about beauty, but I also love to collaborate with artists, programmers, feminist activists, and selected beauty brands.

Mary Wang

Mary Wang is a Chinese-Dutch writer, editor, and radio producer based in New York. She founded Against Nudity, an experiment in fashion conducted in almost monthly pdf’s. She also leads the US programming for The White Review and conceived and runs Miscellaneous Files at Guernica, a series of virtual studio visits that uses screenshots from writers’ digital devices to understand their practice. Her work has appeared in BOMB, the Guardian, Longreads, the New Republic, New York Public Radio/WNYC, Village Voice, and Vogue, among others. She’s currently working on a novel about a woman who no longer understands why she should get dressed. She lives with her partner, four cats, and two rabbits.

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