Brett Evans & Mike Hauser


Brett Evans recent books include Slosh Models (Factory School, 2009) and (with Frank Sherlock) Ready-to-Eat Individual (Lavender Ink, 2007). He is currently looking for a kind publisher to release a special 20-year collector’s edition of Horse Pills. He is one of the founding members of New Orleans’ only carnival microkrewe, ‘tit rex.

Mike Hauser lives in Milwaukee. His books include crets crets crets, and Psychic Headset. His work has appeared in Sprung Formal, Abraham Lincoln, The Hat, Rust Buckle, The Blue Canary, and Fell Swoop, among other fine publications. He is editing an issue of the Milwaukee magazine Burdock, which is published by Keith Gaustad. He co-curates a reading series called Salacious Banter with Karl Saffran.