Miles Champion & Jennifer Moxley


Miles Champion‘s books include Compositional Bonbons Placate, Sore Models, Three Bell Zero and How to Laugh (forthcoming from Adventures in Poetry). Providence, an artist’s book in collaboration with Jane South, was published by Sienese Shredder Editions in 2008. His recent writing appears in American Book Review, Critical Quarterly, Mimeo Mimeo, PN Review and The Poetry Project Newsletter. He lives in Brooklyn.

Jennifer Moxley is the author of five books of poetry: Clampdown (Flood 2009), The Line (Post-Apollo 2007), Often Capital (Flood 2005), The Sense Record (Edge 2002; Salt 2003) and Imagination Verses (Tender Buttons 1996; Salt 2003). Her memoir The Middle Room was published by Subpress in 2007. She has translated two books by the French poet Jacqueline Risset, The Translation Begins (Burning Deck 1996) and Sleep’s Powers (Ugly Duckling 2008). She is poetry editor of The Baffler, and contributing editor of The Poker. She works as an Associate Professor at the University of Maine.