Claire Donato & sara wintz


Claire Donato’s poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Octopus, and Action Yes.  She holds an MFA from Brown University, where she was involved with Writing: Digital Media and received the John Hawkes Prize in Fiction. She currently lives in Brooklyn and teaches at the New School.

sara wintz’s writing has appeared in The Poetry Project Newsletter, Jacket, 6X6, Physical Poets and on Ceptuetics. She co-edited INVISIBLY TIGHT INSTITUTIONAL OUTER FLANKS DUB (verb) GLORIOUS NATIONAL HI-VIOLENCE RESPONSE DREAM: New Writing from the US+UK with Ryan Dobran, Justin Katko and Cristiana Baik in 2008. She currently co-curates at the Segue Reading Series with Thom Donovan.