Eric Conroe & Emily Skillings

Eric Conroe is about to finish up an MFA at Brooklyn College, where he received the Himan Brown award for poetry. He’s the asst. curator for the KGB Poetry Series, and co-founder and -curator of the COPULA Poetry Series. As a dancer, he has performed with Dean Moss and others, working in residence at Yale, The Kitchen, Korean Arts Festival, and ASU. His recent choreography and/or poetry has been performed at The Poetry Project, Danspace Project, New York Live Arts, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, The Marfa Theater, 92nd Street Y, Tribes Gallery, and Kunsthalle Galapagos. Poems have appeared recently in Your First Time, SAG/FAC, Bellow!, Bright Bright Shit, and Coffee Area. Emily Skillings is a dancer poet poet dancer. Recent poetry can be found in No Dear, The The Poetry, Bone Bouquet, Lingerpost, Stonecutter, La Fovea, and Maggy. Skillings dances for the A.O. Movement Collective and The Commons Choir (Daria Faïn and Robert Kocik) and presents her own choreography in New York. She lives in Brooklyn, where she is a member of the Belladonna* Collaborative, a feminist poetry collective and event series. She recently co-curated the exhibit John Ashbery Collects: Poet Among Things with Adam Fitzgerald at Loretta Howard Gallery.