Evelyn Reilly & Nathaniel Tarn

Evelyn Reilly’s recent books of poetry are Apocalypso and Styrofoam, both published by Roof Books. Essays and poetry have appeared lately in Jacket2, the Eco-language Reader, Interim, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment and The Arcadia Project: Postmodernism and the Pastoral. Her work will also appear in the forthcoming anthology &NOW Awards2: The Best Innovative Writing. She lives in New York City when she isn’t on the road working for various museums.

Nathaniel Tarn is a poet, translator, critic, anthropologist (Highland Maya; Sociology of Buddhist Institutions, etc.) and “distinguished” professor with over 35 books to his credit and translations in over a dozen languages. He was one of the founders of ethnopoetics. Between academic posts he was founding editor of Cape Editions and of Cape Goliard Press. He has lectured and read around the world. His latest publications are: Selected Poems: 1950-2000 (Wesleyan, 2002), Ins and Outs of the Forest Rivers (New Directions, 2008); The Embattled Lyric: Essays & Conversations in Poetics & Anthropology (Stanford, 2008); Sur les fleuves de la foret (Vif (Paris), 2012). New Directions is reprinting The Beautiful Contradictions (1969) shortly. He lives, works, writes, gardens, birdwatches north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.