James Copeland & Ariana Reines

James Copeland is the author of the print objects Why I Steal, To My Plants, and Fax II, and a 7″ from Unicorn Evil Records.  With Michael Barron and William Rahilly he has collaborated on a series of text enhancement performances.  He publishes a book series, Content, and works as Managing Director at Ugly Duckling Presse.

Ariana Reines was born in Salem, Massachusetts. Her books include The Cow (Alberta Prize, Fence: 2006), Coeur de Lion (Mal-O-Mar: 2007; Fence: 2011), and Mercury (Fence: 2011). TELEPHONE, her first play, was commissioned and produced by the Foundry Theatre in 2009, with two Obies. Volumes of translation include The Little Black Book of Griselidis Real by Jean-Luc Hennig (Semoitext(e): 2009), My Heart Laid Bare by Charles Baudelaire (Mal-O-Mar: 2009), and Preliminary Notes Toward a Theory of the YoungGirl by TIQQUN (Semiotext(e): 2012). She was Roberta C. Holloway Lecturer in Poetry at UC Berkeley in 2009, has taught master classes at The University of Pittsburgh, UC Davis, and Pomona College, and has performed at venues across the United States and in France. Her writing has been featured in The Fader, Dazed+Confused, PLAY: A Journal of Plays, and the Works+Process series at the Guggenheim Museum.