Kathleen Fraser & David Larsen

Kathleen Fraser has published fourteen small press and trade poem collections, including il cuore: the heart, Selected Poems, 1970-1995 (Wesleyan, 1997); a book of essays, Translating the Unspeakable: Poetry and the Innovative Necessity (U. of Alabama Press, 2000); Stilts, Somersaults & Headstands (Atheneum, 1968); and seven limited edition Artist Books. The most recently completed book is last spring’s collaboration, ii ss, with N.Y. painter Hermine Ford (Granary Books). A new poetry collection, m o v a b l e TYYPE is just available from Nightboat, and includes a middle section of texts from her four most recent Artist Books.

David Larsen is a poet and scholar now living in New York City. During his years in San Francisco’s Bay Area, he was a persistent self-publisher and curator of other artists’ work, including a 2-year stint as the coordinator of the Oakland poetry and experimental video series New Yipes. A collection of his poetry appeared from Faux Press in 2005 with the title of The Thorn. During the recent uprising in Egypt he was a Fulbright scholar in Cairo, putting in work on a series of ‘Abbāsid-era lexical texts. The first of these, al-Husayn ibn Ahmad ibn Khālawayh’s Names of the Lion (Atticus/Finch), is currently viewable on the publisher’s blog, and further translation work is viewable on his own blog, Writing Gathering Field.