Phenology And Poetry – Susie Timmons

Phenology – the study of the sequence and timing of events in the life cycles of animals and plants as they respond to seasonal changes in environment – is used by farmers and gardeners to know when to plant, when to expect certain pests etc.; for example, “Don’t plant corn before oak leaves are the size of a squirrel’s ear.” We will use the practice of phenology in conjunction with a series of exercises as a departure for examining: the temporal scale of our work, the conundrum of cyclic change, the potential for physical discomfort as a source of inspiration. Meetings will consist of excursions (in close proximity to the Poetry Project) regardless of weather conditions, methodically observing precise changes in a preordained collection of sites as we go from the dead of winter into early spring. If you think looking at twigs is stupid, this workshop is not for you.

Susie Timmons is the author of Locked From the Outside (winner of the inaugural Ted Berrigan Award).

Saturdays At Noon: 10 Sessions Begin February 14th