GIANT NIGHT: (Re)Defining Downtown

This event is a part of the “GIANT NIGHT: The Poetry Project at 50” platform series.

Participants will answer some or none of the following half-questions: What’s it mean for The Poetry Project to be The Poetry Project right now, in the East Village, in 2016, which is or was considered “downtown” at points? Is “downtown” a sign, a sigh, a thing, an active nothing, or a something else? Can we have a retrospective season and dissolve nostalgia at the same time? Is there anyone out there listening at all? (If so, peace). Do poets in this town still need real physical centers to go experience the work out front? And what does “need” mean? And what does “real physical centers” mean? And what does “out front” mean? Event will be followed by a mellow reception in lieu of a Q&A. Curated by Anselm Berrigan and hosted by Stacy Szymaszek. With John Godfrey, Ariel Goldberg, Erica Hunt, Sophia Le Fraga, John Yau, and Steve Zultanski.



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